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Roots vacuum pump

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Roots vacuum pump

Inläggav lay1014 » mån 17 sep 2018, 10:56

Roots vacuum pump refers to the use of mechanical, physical, chemical or physical and chemical methods, to be pumped out of the container, and then obtain vacuum equipment or equipment, often encountered in the use of many shortcomings.2xz rotary vane vacuum pump

What are the reasons for the high temperature crossing of Roots vacuum pump?basic types of liquid ring vacuum pumps

1, the motor power is large, the task current is large, the calorific value is large.

2, fan speed is low, wind pressure, air volume is small.Matters needing attention in rotary vane vacuum pump

3, the number of fan blades is small, the volume of attack is small.Vacuum Pump

4, motor with dust and oil pollution, reduce the heat dissipation ability.

5. The bus voltage of the vacuum pump motor is 380V. Due to the uneven voltage drop and load distribution of the cable, the added voltage of the vacuum pump motor is only 365V in practice, and the low voltage constitutes a large operating current.2XZ direct drive rotary vane vacuum pump
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